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Sl.Policy NameStatus2009-09-03Policy details
1Aviva - EasyLife Plus Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
2Aviva - EasyLife Plus Growth FundAvailable for purchase29.28show
3Aviva - EasyLife Plus Protector FundAvailable for purchase12.36show
4Aviva - EasyLife Plus Unitised with ProfitAvailable for purchase13.67show
5Aviva - Freedom Life Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
6Aviva - Freedom Life Bond FundAvailable for purchase11.43show
7Aviva - Freedom Life Enhancer FundAvailable for purchase9.96show
8Aviva - Freedom Life Growth FundAvailable for purchase29.28show
9Aviva - Freedom Life Secure FundAvailable for purchase14.9show
10Aviva - Life Bond Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
11Aviva - Life Bond Growth FundAvailable for purchase29.28show
12Aviva - Life Bond Plus Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
13Aviva - Life Bond Plus Growth FundAvailable for purchase29.28show
14Aviva - Life Bond Plus Secure FundAvailable for purchase14.9show
15Aviva - Life Bond Protector FundAvailable for purchase12.36show
16Aviva - Life Bond Unitised with Profit FundAvailable for purchase13.67show
17Aviva - Life Saver Plus Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
18Aviva - Life Saver Plus Growth FundWithdrawn29.28show
19Aviva - Life Saver Plus Protector FundWithdrawn12.36show
20Aviva - Life Saver Plus Secure FundWithdrawn14.9show
21Aviva - Lifebond 5 Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
22Aviva - Lifebond 5 Enhancer FundAvailable for purchase9.96show
23Aviva - Lifebond 5 Growth FundAvailable for purchase29.28show
24Aviva - Lifebond 5 Index FundAvailable for purchase7.64show
25Aviva - Lifebond 5 Secure FundAvailable for purchase14.9show
26Aviva - LifeLong Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
27Aviva - LifeLong Bond FundAvailable for purchase11.43show
28Aviva - LifeLong Enhancer FundAvailable for purchase9.96show
29Aviva - LifeLong Growth FundAvailable for purchase29.28show
30Aviva - LifeLong Index FundAvailable for purchase7.64show
31Aviva - LifeLong Protector FundAvailable for purchase12.36show
32Aviva - LifeLong Unitised with Profit FundAvailable for purchase13.67show
33Aviva - LifeSaver Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
34Aviva - LifeSaver Growth FundAvailable for purchase29.28show
35Aviva - LifeSaver Protector FundAvailable for purchase12.36show
36Aviva - LifeSaver Super Balanced FundWithdrawn34.34show
37Aviva - LifeSaver Super Growth FundWithdrawn29.28show
38Aviva - LifeSaver Super Index FundWithdrawn7.64show
39Aviva - LifeSaver Super Secure FundWithdrawn14.9show
40Aviva - LifeSaver Unitised with Profit FundAvailable for purchase13.67show
41Aviva - Little Master Balanced FundWithdrawn34.34show
42Aviva - Little Master Growth FundWithdrawn29.28show
43Aviva - Little Master Protector FundWithdrawn12.36show
44Aviva - Little Master Secure FundWithdrawn14.9show
45Aviva - Pension Plus Pension Balanced FundAvailable for purchase25.82show
46Aviva - Pension Plus Pension Growth FundAvailable for purchase17.95show
47Aviva - Pension Plus Pension Index FundAvailable for purchase9.41show
48Aviva - Pension Plus Pension Secure FundAvailable for purchase13.52show
49Aviva - Pension Plus Protector FundAvailable for purchase11.15show
50Aviva - Pension Plus Unitised with Profit FundAvailable for purchase13.44show
51Aviva - Sachin Century Balanced FundWithdrawn34.34show
52Aviva - Sachin Century Growth FundWithdrawn29.28show
53Aviva - Sachin Century Secure FundWithdrawn14.9show
54Aviva - Save Guard Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
55Aviva - Save Guard Enhancer FundAvailable for purchase9.96show
56Aviva - Save Guard Growth FundAvailable for purchase29.28show
57Aviva - Save Guard Index FundAvailable for purchase7.64show
58Aviva - Save Guard Secure FundAvailable for purchase14.9show
59Aviva - SaveGuard Junior Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
60Aviva - SaveGuard Junior Growth FundAvailable for purchase29.28show
61Aviva - SaveGuard Junior Secure FundAvailable for purchase14.9show
62Aviva - Treasure Plus Secure FundAvailable for purchase14.9show
63Aviva - Young Achiever Balanced FundAvailable for purchase34.34show
64Aviva - Young Achiever Growth FundAvailable for purchase29.28show
65Aviva - Young Achiever Protector FundAvailable for purchase12.36show
66Aviva - Young Achiever Unitised with Profit FundAvailable for purchase13.67show
67Aviva Life - SecureLifeAvailable for purchase14.9show
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